Hello, welcome to our website development + graphic design company.
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Rasteroids Design is a design company, coding ninja, an idea machine.

Rasteroids has a lot of exciting projects in the works for 2K22, let yours be one of them! :-)

Application Development and Website Design San Jose

Web design and development, xhtml, css and javascript for the masses!

ColdFusion Application Development and iPhone Interface Design San Jose

Web application development for Fox Racing, Silver Spring Networks and others.

Print Collateral and Banner Design San Jose

Print collateral and marketing materials for Japantown San Jose, sjDANCEco and The Stone Clinic.

Rasteroids Design

Rasteroids Design is a San Jose, California based multidisciplinary website design studio. We are a team of designers and developers who offer a full spectrum of services. From developing custom business applications to creating brands for new companies, Rasteroids has the talent and experience.

What we do.

:: Identity, logo and branding
:: Print collateral and marketing
:: Illustration
:: Website design, UI-development and strategy
:: Client-side programming (XHTML/CSS/Ajax)
:: Server-side programming
:: Custom content management applications
:: Web-based applications

Who we are.

Rasteroids Design was founded in 2000 by the brother-and-sister team of Miles Rast and Tamiko Rast.
Our offices are located in the heart of San Jose's historic Japantown district.